Flats Minnow

As anglers were subject to the constraints of the tyrant named Mother Nature. She does what she pleases. We’re merely hostages to her moody behavior. Every now and then she’ll smile down and grant us passage on a picturesque day. On rare occasions she’ll string two or more blissful days […]

Over the weekend I fished with Robby owner of a world’s fastest kayak. He and I spoke for over a year about fishing together. From our talks he knew I liked to fish remote marshes, so he figured his jet powered kayak would be the perfect vehicle to get us […]

I had the pleasure to spend the extended Memorial Day weekend down south with friends. The Lower Laguna is on my short list favorite places to fish, but I have a love/hate relationship with the area. The water is clear, the fish are plentiful, but the conditions are always unpredictable, […]

The fishing has been slow last few weeks mainly due to my indecision and obstinacy. I dislike transition periods because I have a hard time changing tactics and targeting different species when my focus has been so narrow. For three quarters of the year my concentration is singlar: redfish. When […]


Color Selection 101

I often get asked, which color(s) should I use? Color selection is not a concrete science as with most fishing-related questions. As fishermen we’re philosophers, mind-readers, and theorists. We develop ideas based on past experience from what has and has not worked. This video is my take on color selection […]

Another rarity. I hit the water for a few hours on the way home from Corpus Christi, TX yesterday morning. I managed to catch a lower slot red that was missing one of it’s eyeballs. This is the second time I’ve landed a red that was missing an eye. The […]

I spent a few days in the Coastal Bend with my old roommate, Austin, last week. The weather was hot but so was the fishing. We caught good numbers and quality fish at a few different locations. The first day in the area we got a late start and fished […]

Fishing around a full moon has always given me fits. Couple that with the recent heat wave blasting Texas and you will soon understand why fishing the marsh under the moonlight sounded like a good idea. What I have learned over the years fishing around a full moon is that […]

It’s that time of year when marsh fishing slows due to the heat. The bite is usually good early and earlier. The bite shuts off right about the time you feel yourself baking like a sun-dried tomato. With water temperatures in the marsh are hovering in the 90’s most fish […]

I went out solo a couple times over the weekend. I found plenty of reds in the marsh but the feeding window was short very early in the morning. The fish were also extra weary of my presence because of the low water levels. Lost count of the number of […]