Port Aransas

Ever since I was a little boy I had an innate appetite to see the world. As much as I enjoy fishing my home waters of the Upper Texas Coast I often grow tired fishing familiar venues. Periodically, I feel the urge to get away even if that entails stepping […]

I fished the Lydia Ann Fly Masters tournament out of Aransas Pass last Saturday. The weigh was at Tarpon Shores Marina, formerly Crab Man Marina. The new facilities are very nice compared to the old Crab Man Marina. The 2012 beneficiary was Casting for Recovery. It’s a catch and release […]

When I saw the wind forecasts early in the week for Easter weekend I saw a challenge. I am no stranger 20-30mph winds, especially on the Coastal Bend during spring. Over the years I’ve fished in lot of tough conditions. I can recall one trip last year when a buddy, […]


Spring Explosion

There’s no better cue that winter has passed quite like the surface exploding spectacle of a slob redfish pulverizing a top water plug or the sight of an upper slot brute with half its anatomy above the water’s surface. If the sight or sound of redfish prowling the shallows isn’t […]

Evidence of the arrival of spring is everywhere: flip-flop weather, schools of newly hatched fry, herds of hungry fish prowling the shallows and tropical storm-like winds. Finding a reliable pattern during spring, more than any other season, is tough. Conditions are highly inconsistent and fish behavior mirrors the unpredictable weather. […]


Tops, Tails, and Backs

Get your mind out of the gutter. When you read the title of this post you were probably thinking about something completely unrelated, but I was refering to catching redfish. This is a compilation of footage I took one morning out on the flats near Rockport, Texas. It includes three […]