I often wonder what it would have been like to be born before the advent of modern civilization. A time before pollution, homes, shopping centers and high-rises swallowed our unobstructed view of the natural landscape around us. Back when the only lights to illuminate the sky were the sun, moon […]


2012 Wrap Up Kayak/Skiff Fishing

Speaking of year-end recaps. Here’s a video Brandon, a friend of mine, put together. It’s a recap of his 2012 fishing adventures. Me and a few of my photos appear throughout the video.

I love fishing new water. I make a point to fish new areas as often as possible. Fishing the same worn-out spots becomes monotonous to me; that’s why I rarely fish an area more than a few times a year. Ever since I bought my first kayak I’ve had this […]

“Should have been here yesterday.” Words you never want to hear utter from someone’s mouth when you travel a long way in hopes of catching a hot bite. Those words sting even more when they’re coming from a buddy in your inner circle of friends who enjoys rubbing it in […]

As anglers were subject to the constraints of the tyrant named Mother Nature. She does what she pleases. We’re merely hostages to her moody behavior. Every now and then she’ll smile down and grant us passage on a picturesque day. On rare occasions she’ll string two or more blissful days […]

Brandon came in town to fish with me this past weekend. He picked the perfect weekend. Conditions could not have been better. On Friday we fished a numbers spot. I wanted to give him a taste of what the Upper Coast has to offer. The day started off a little […]

Spent a few days in the Lower Laguna last week with a big group of kayakers. Conditions weren’t ideal but we made the best of what we were given. Not many snook caught this trip but here’s one Don caught in the lights with the fly rod.

Over the years fishing’s place in my life has transformed itself many times. When I started I went to have fun and hopefully catch fish. Size and quantity were trivial. As I began to grasp the concept my priority moved to catching numbers. The more fish I caught the happier […]