Waist Deep

What do you do when you’re fishing a marsh during a strong outgoing tide and you run out of water? You have two choices: find water or go home. While the thought of enjoying the comforts of your home with a cold brew in hand might be enticing, you’re a […]



Fished a few new marshes last weekend and the fishing was phenomenal. Had backing reds swimming around me all day long. Got bored catching one at at a time on the fly rod and I couldn’t resist… I also shot a bunch of pics but I haven’t had a chance […]


Duck Hunter’s Dream

I shot this video a few weeks back while in the Coastal Bend area fishing. Austin and I were fishing the Upper Laguna Madre and paddled up and a enormous flock of ducks sitting on the water. I tried to see how close I could get to them before they […]


Adieu to Fall

The advent of winter sparks change to the coastal bays and estuaries. The fall patterns of fish relating to shallow water, under the birds, or in the marsh become less reliable as their metabolism slows down and food becomes scarce. As a result fish feed less regularly compared to the […]

Greg and I put a lot miles on our vehicles and kayaks last weekend without very much success. We started out targeting reefs and guts in search of trout early with only a few bites, so we switch modes and started searching for redfish on shorelines. We found a few […]


Footage that Didn’t Make the Cut

Here’s some left over footage from the edits I made to the footage I shot over the last few weeks.

I have been out several times since I last posted a fishing report with varying levels of success. I hit several locations including areas in East Bay, West Bay, and spots as far west as Freeport. Fishing has gone from good last week to downright slow early this week even […]


Doesn’t Get Any Better…

Some days are better left forgotten. Days when it seems like nothing can go right. Bad events pile up on one another leaving you wondering, what else could go wrong? Invariably there is always something else that can and often will go wrong leaving you confused, what did I do […]


Fly Fishing the Upper Texas Coast Video

Here is a compilation video of footage I took over the last few weeks. All of the footage has one central theme skinny water fly fishing for redfish in the marshes around the upper Texas coast. And when I say skinny I generally mean water less than 1′ deep. Most […]

After watching the low tides all day I decided to go out for a couple of hours this evening. I landed 4 reds on the fly rod between 21″ and 29″ on the white grass shrimp pictured below.