Mumpy Glo

As anglers were subject to the constraints of the tyrant named Mother Nature. She does what she pleases. We’re merely hostages to her moody behavior. Every now and then she’ll smile down and grant us passage on a picturesque day. On rare occasions she’ll string two or more blissful days […]

The arrival of fall begets many changes for anglers on the Texas coast. Artic blasts bring relief from the scorching summer heat, but more importantly, the objects of our fascination begin to fatten up for winter when food sources will be scarce and water temps are too low to warrant […]

Fishing around a full moon has always given me fits. Couple that with the recent heat wave blasting Texas and you will soon understand why fishing the marsh under the moonlight sounded like a good idea. What I have learned over the years fishing around a full moon is that […]

It’s that time of year when marsh fishing slows due to the heat. The bite is usually good early and earlier. The bite shuts off right about the time you feel yourself baking like a sun-dried tomato. With water temperatures in the marsh are hovering in the 90’s most fish […]

I went out solo a couple times over the weekend. I found plenty of reds in the marsh but the feeding window was short very early in the morning. The fish were also extra weary of my presence because of the low water levels. Lost count of the number of […]

Contrary to my lack of my posting activity I have been on the water several times recently, but there hasn’t been much to post. Fishing has been slow over the last couple of weeks because of the sporadic conditions; the weather has been all over the place. I have caught […]


Adieu to Fall

The advent of winter sparks change to the coastal bays and estuaries. The fall patterns of fish relating to shallow water, under the birds, or in the marsh become less reliable as their metabolism slows down and food becomes scarce. As a result fish feed less regularly compared to the […]

Santa has delivered Christmas early this year. Big trout fishing has been good earlier than normal. It wasn’t until later in the winter last year when the big girls started showing up in good numbers but this year the winter, mud and shell, pattern has started early. The deep water reef bite […]

I have been out several times since I last posted a fishing report with varying levels of success. I hit several locations including areas in East Bay, West Bay, and spots as far west as Freeport. Fishing has gone from good last week to downright slow early this week even […]

Doug and I fished West Galveston Bay this morning. I caught a couple of reds on the gold spoon fly before the wind picked up and made fly fishing tough. We also caught several reds and a few trout drifting throwing TTF Flats Minnows in morning glory, mumpy glo, and […]