Red Drum


Stubborn Bull Redfish

Stubborn Bull from Casting Tales on Vimeo.

Fly fishing for bull reds in the Louisiana marsh with poppers can be frustrating but when the fish are this stubborn there’s nothing more exciting. Here’s some footage from early February when the redfish were fired up eating poppers.

My day started early Saturday morning; a quarter before 4:00am is when I awoke to the clamor of my siren-like alarm. I was up and out of bed like a fire alarm was actually going off. Excited. The plan for the day was to hit the water with a friend […]

Due to obligations (work) I was only able to get on the water once last week. Mark and I decided to check out a new area. We got a late start because we didn’t have any expectations and we wanted to give the fog a chance to burn off. We […]


The Next Bend

Here’s my latest film. All footage was shot at various locations on the Middle and Upper Texas Coast over this past summer and fall. Comment, like, share, enjoy. Also posted on youtube for the people having trouble viewing it on vimeo…


Waist Deep

What do you do when you’re fishing a marsh during a strong outgoing tide and you run out of water? You have two choices: find water or go home. While the thought of enjoying the comforts of your home with a cold brew in hand might be enticing, you’re a […]

The most recent cold front is a reminder that we’re nearing the end of the redfish explosion in the marshes on the Texas Coast. Over the last few weeks most of the shrimp has migrated to the Gulf leaving fin-fish as the only remaining forage available for a ravenous redfish. […]


Buggy Whip Redfish

Here’s a short clip I put together of some sight casting action from last week…. The fishing has been phenomenal. In two days last week I witnessed 100+ redfish landed between me and the group of guys I was fishing with. Report, photos, and more footage coming soon.