Red Drum

During the summer months I usually get out and off the water early, but the tides weren’t quite lining up for an early morning bite around the Upper Coast this past weekend. The tides at every spot I contemplated were identical no matter how north or south I looked on […]

This Saturday June 18, 2011 is the second stop for the Xtreme Redfish Tournament Trail.  The weigh-in is at Topwater Grill in Port San Leon, Texas. The weigh-in is Saturday afternoon between 2:30 and 4:30. The weigh-in will also stream live online and you can view it here… In conjunction with the weigh-in there will […]

In fishing, there are not many things that pique my interest more than exploring new areas. I get tired of fishing the same water, so I am constantly looking for new places to fish up and down entire Texas coastline. Satellite images are a modern-day Lewis and Clark’s compass. I […]


Spring Fling (Video)

Spring is the most inconsistent time of the year. The weather is all over the place and the wind is almost always blowing hard one direction or the other, but sometimes things come together. Most of this footage was captured a few weeks ago when a late season cold front […]

I haven’t spent much time in the marsh this year because I haven’t heard very many reliable reports, but with the warm weather lately I figured it was about as good a time as any to start exploring my preferred domain. I spent three days in the marsh at three […]


Spring Fling Teaser

This fishing was great this past week. The front that blew in on Friday pushed a bunch of water out of the marsh and made the fish easy to spot. We sightcasted to fish all weekend long. I’ll post a report later this eveining. I also got some great footage. […]


Spring Explosion

There’s no better cue that winter has passed quite like the surface exploding spectacle of a slob redfish pulverizing a top water plug or the sight of an upper slot brute with half its anatomy above the water’s surface. If the sight or sound of redfish prowling the shallows isn’t […]

I’m still recouping from the weekend that consisted of as many hours behind the wheel and as hours on the water. Like most things that are fun it was also exhausting. This past Saturday was the first stop of the Xtreme Redfish Trail (XRT) in Port Neches, Texas. A total […]