Saltwater Fly Fishing

After watching the low tides all day I decided to go out for a couple of hours this evening. I landed 4 reds on the fly rod between 21″ and 29″ on the white grass shrimp pictured below.

Here’s a few random photos from some recent outings. Also, I had another great day on the water this morning with the fly rod. My two biggest fish went just under 28″ and weighed over 8lbs. The first two fish I’ve fought that took me into my backing. I didn’t […]

What a difference a few inches of water makes. I have been on the water a few times recently with various levels of success. One area I fished the tide had fallen enough to make fishing downright tough; I had a difficult time maneuvering through the marsh because of the […]

I haven’t been on the water since last Saturday and I’ve had withdrawals. The weather and other obligations has kept me indoors but this weekend the weather and conditions are shaping for a stellar weekend on the water. I spent a some time behind the vise the past couple of […]

Greg and I started the morning bright and early at a spot we hadn’t had the chance to check out this year. We were interested to see if we could pick up trout shallow along with some redfish. We started off throwing topwaters in 1′-3′ of water on main bay […]

After keeping a close eye on the winds and water levels all day I had enough with being stuck indoors so I decided to head out for a quick evening trip close to home. I decided to pack light and only tote along my fly rod, fly box, and a […]

Fishing has been outstanding. I’ve been all over the map here on the Upper Texas Coast, from east to west, and have found redfish schooled up shallow at every location. It has been very easy to find them. Just look for birds hovering, bait fleeing, or listen for the distinct […]


Get In and Get Out

Greg, John, and I hit the marsh last week and found several big schools of redfish early before the water level got too low. Bite lasted only a couple of hours because it was already mud slogging low and ripping out quickly. We had just enough water to float when […]

Here’s some pictures from Doug and I’s day on the water yesterday. We launched out of Galveston in Doug’s Maverick to ice cream conditions and fished several nearshore rigs. The water looked beautiful. We were in search of tackle and rigging testers and we found a few. No sightings of the Silver King but we did […]