Saltwater Fly Fishing

Doug and I fished West Galveston Bay this morning. I caught a couple of reds on the gold spoon fly before the wind picked up and made fly fishing tough. We also caught several reds and a few trout drifting throwing TTF Flats Minnows in morning glory, mumpy glo, and […]

If I had to describe my day of fishing yesterday in one word it would be phenomenal. My best day of fishing ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had days when I’ve caught more and bigger but this was on another level. I have never seen so many schools of […]

Today was a sight fisherman’s dream. Schools of redfish in shallow water gorging with reckless abandonment completely oblivious to their surroundings. Each school’s location given away by the eye in the sky. Flocks or single seagulls hovering above a particular locale revealed the whereabouts of active schools from several hundred […]

If effort equates to results yesterday would have been a day of epic proportions. Yesterday was a marathon, literally. I fished the marsh in excellent conditions: strong outgoing tide, light winds, and an abundance of bait. I was out on the water chunking and twitching a topwater well before sunrise. […]

Went searching for redfish this morning on the main bay shorelines of West Galveston Bay. I saw some nervous bait close to the shore and made a ill-advised cast right on top of the bait. As soon as my topwater hit the water my lure went under ever so slightly. […]

I went down south to Corpus Christi, Texas this past weekend to hang out with the family, relax, and do a little fishing. I had a good time hanging out with some of my family that I don’t get to see very often because they have since moved away from […]