Went searching for redfish this morning on the main bay shorelines of West Galveston Bay. I saw some nervous bait close to the shore and made a ill-advised cast right on top of the bait. As soon as my topwater hit the water my lure went under ever so slightly. […]


Hackberry Hustler Review

I am a tackle junkie. I probably own close to one of almost every lure out on the market. When I first saw Texas Tackle Factory’s new lure the Hackberry Hustler I was not impressed. It looked similar to other lures on the market but with small modifications to an […]

I went down south to Corpus Christi, Texas this past weekend to hang out with the family, relax, and do a little fishing. I had a good time hanging out with some of my family that I don’t get to see very often because they have since moved away from […]


Tops, Tails, and Backs

Get your mind out of the gutter. When you read the title of this post you were probably thinking about something completely unrelated, but I was refering to catching redfish. This is a compilation of footage I took one morning out on the flats near Rockport, Texas. It includes three […]


David’s First Fly Red and Oversized Red on Light Tackle

In this video David Norris catches his first redfish on the fly. The story behind this video and the reason for our excitement, mine in particular, was we had a few shots at backing redfish on the fly rod this morning but we failed to connect. It was enthused and relieved […]


Topwater Redfish Video

Here’s another video I put together with some footage I captured a few weeks ago. I have a bunch of other footage that I’ve been editing that I should have up very soon.


Outdoor Texas Camp 2010

Here’s a video I put together of some footage I took during the three weeks I was camp instructor with Outdoor Texas Camp.


Poling and Sight Fishing

Here’s some footage I took while poling and looking for fish. I managed to catch a few on film that morning before the temperature became unbearable.

I still haven’t fully recovered from my month-long fishing extravaganza in the Coastal Bend and neither has my tackle and gear. I’ve been pretty busy cleaning up and organizing my belongings, among other things, and haven’t had much time to post. I finally got all of the photos up that I […]

I can’t think of a more fitting way to end the fishing marathon also known as work than catching copious amounts of upper slot redfish on topwaters. I spent the last month all over the Coastal Bend from Corpus Christi to Rockport and the better part of three weeks as […]