Me, Travis, and a five campers stayed overnight on a floating cabin in the middle of the bay last night. The cabin has a large halogen light and sits on a deep channel, so it draws the attention from a plethora of baitfish, which in turn brings in the game […]

We had a phenomenal day wading the surf on Mustang Island this morning. Not many big fish, but plenty of fish to go around. Rough estimate of about 150 speckled trout between six of us and many other species to keep things interesting. We all had bites nearly every cast and […]

Me, Ryan, and David had a few hours to burn yesterday morning, so we decided to fish the marsh in hopes that the lower tides made the redfish more visible and accessible. We found plenty of fish very shallow but they weren’t as aggressive as they have been. We saw […]

I haven’t had much time as of late to post any reports because I’ve been on the water every day since I’ve been in the Coastal Bend and I didn’t have an internet connection for a while. The fishing has been marginal at best. I’ve been all over the place […]

Me and Raymond went out for a quick trip this morning on Galveston Bay. We caught a variety of species underneath the birds including spanish mackeral, ladyfish, sand trout, gafftop, and speckled trout. Fish were blowing up all around us for nearly an hour. Anything and everything we threw caught fish. […]

The last time me and Raymond fished together he did all the catching and I did all the admiring. Well, this time we switched places and I was able to put some fish in the boat while he struggle. I wish we would have both caught fish, but we both had plenty […]

When you read the title of this post you probably thought it had something to do with a reptilian confrontation, but this is an encounter of another kind. A much more exhausting and traumatic experience. I’ll let the video explain the details. I found some redfish this morning, most of […]

Who would have thought getting skunked could feel so rewarding? This morning I hit the water with an old friend, Raymond, the person responsible for my addiction and passion for the great sport of fishing. He introduced me fishing over a decade ago and I have been hooked, excuse the […]


Understanding Tides (Two-Part Video)

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is a video worth? Time. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated to make and post these videos (was originally only supposed to be one video, but who knew YouTube has a length upload limit?) after […]