Role Reversal

The last time me and Raymond fished together he did all the catching and I did all the admiring. Well, this time we switched places and I was able to put some fish in the boat while he struggle. I wish we would have both caught fish, but we both had plenty of opportunities so we can’t complain. Today we targeted a shallow pond that was loaded with small shad. The area we were fishing was about 1′ – 1.5′ deep with lots of scattered shell. The fish were foraging on the schools of shad and we took advantage of it. Small topwaters, such as Spook Jrs, seemed to work the best. We had two windows when the bite turned on. The first was very early in the morning at the tail end of the incoming tide. The second was mid-morning after a period of slack tide when the tide started to go out.

About the author

Jeremy Chavez is a full-time fly and light tackle fishing guide who hails from the Bayou City (Houston, Texas for those of you not in the know). He eats, sleeps and breathes fish. He left (he was laid-off but who's keeping tabs) his career as a bean counter (he has a master's degree in accounting) to chase his dream of becoming a nomadic fish bum.

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