Crocs, Low Tide & The Marsh…

When you read the title of this post you probably thought it had something to do with a reptilian confrontation, but this is an encounter of another kind. A much more exhausting and traumatic experience. I’ll let the video explain the details.

I found some redfish this morning, most of which had their backs exposed because of the low tide. The reds were very finicky spooking off at the slightest movement. Almost all the fish I saw or spooked weren’t actively feeding.The deeper and shallower I went back into the marsh the more fish I spotted.  I was also on the receiving end of yet another redfish attack , but this time I didn’t have the film rolling.  It would have been another classic. I recorded a lot of footage, but nearly all of the video was ruined due to mud on the lense. Oh well, I’ll try to get some more footage when I head out again this weekend.

Another Paddle Bites the Dust

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Jeremy Chavez is a full-time fly and light tackle fishing guide who hails from the Bayou City (Houston, Texas for those of you not in the know). He eats, sleeps and breathes fish. He left (he was laid-off but who's keeping tabs) his career as a bean counter (he has a master's degree in accounting) to chase his dream of becoming a nomadic fish bum.

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