Galveston, Texas Fly Fishing for Redfish

Fall is Here!

As the first cold front just hit the Texas Coast this week. Fall is the best time of the year to fly fish for redfish in Galveston. October and November are the two best months of the year in the Galveston area.  Cooler temps are a welcomed change from the long, hot Texas summer. Galveston is located just a short drive away from Houston, Texas. Galveston is one of the premier redfish destinations on the Gulf Coast.


Description: Fly fishing for redfish in the shallow marshes near Houston, Texas
Locations: Galveston Bay, Matagorda Bay, Sabine Lake
Fly Rods: G. Loomis NRX 
Reels: Nautilus XL Max
Fly Line: Scientific Anglers redfish taper
Leader: Rio redfish tapered leader
Flies: shrimp patterns

About the author

Jeremy Chavez is a full-time fly and light tackle fishing guide who hails from the Bayou City (Houston, Texas for those of you not in the know). He eats, sleeps and breathes fish. He left (he was laid-off but who's keeping tabs) his career as a bean counter (he has a master's degree in accounting) to chase his dream of becoming a nomadic fish bum.

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