Blaine and I fished Upper Galveston and Trinity this morning in search of some bird action and they were nowhere to be found. We covered a bunch of water and didn’t see a single bird working bait. Instead we keyed in on reefs and drifted areas where we saw bait […]

Today was a sight fisherman’s dream. Schools of redfish in shallow water gorging with reckless abandonment completely oblivious to their surroundings. Each school’s location given away by the eye in the sky. Flocks or single seagulls hovering above a particular locale revealed the whereabouts of active schools from several hundred […]


Dirty Water Redfish

When looking for hog reds forget clear water and look for the dirty stuff. The reds are almost always heavier. >

If effort equates to results yesterday would have been a day of epic proportions. Yesterday was a marathon, literally. I fished the marsh in excellent conditions: strong outgoing tide, light winds, and an abundance of bait. I was out on the water chunking and twitching a topwater well before sunrise. […]


Herd Of Cattle

Here’s the video I promised from footage I filmed on Saturday morning. Greg and I were chasing a school of redfish down the shoreline. I got ahead of the school on the shoreline and tried to intercept the school. The whole school swam right by me and one of the […]

Greg and I went fishing yesterday morning with hopes that fall fishing was in full swing and the redfish were in an agressive feeding mode. We arrived at our location before first light and were greeted with light north winds. We starting drifting shell over shell in 2′ of water […]

Raymond and I went fishing yesterday morning for the first time since last Thursday. Not much to report other than the water is still extremely high and the redfish are way back in the grass. Finding redfish wasn’t very hard. We found plenty of reds deep the spartina, but getting […]

Greg, Raymond, and I fished the marsh near Surfside, Texas this morning searching for redfish. Tides were still running at above normal levels and there wasn’t much tidal movement until later in the afternoon, so we knew we were in for a challenge. We pounded the shorelines early without much […]