Fins and Friends 2010: A Remarkable Year

I know this post is a little belated but I have been busy. I wish I could say I have been busy fishing but I haven’t been on the water as much as I would like. I expected to put this out at the beginning of the year but never […]


WestEndAngler Winter Trout Tournament Saturday 12/29

Tomorrow is WestEndAngler’s annual Winter Trout Tournament¬†for anyone that’s interested in fishing a fun/relaxed tournament. Last I heard there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 entries and there’s sure to be more because registration is open until right before the tournament starts. As long as you’re entered online before […]

I played around with CCG some more last night, tying my first spoon fly and an epoxy shrimp variation that I visualized a while back. I still have some tinkering to do to get them just right but I think my first attempts were fairly successful.

I guess the redfish didn’t get the memo. It’s winter time, which means it’s big trout season. I stopped targeting redfish over a month ago, and for some reason, I just can’t seem to keep them off my hooks. I know what you’re thinking…tough problem to have, right? And I […]


Duck Hunter’s Dream

I shot this video a few weeks back while in the Coastal Bend area fishing. Austin and I were fishing the Upper Laguna Madre and paddled up and a enormous flock of ducks sitting on the water. I tried to see how close I could get to them before they […]

As much as I like the feeling of a tug at the other end of my line, fishing has much more meaning to me than just catching. One of the beauties of the sport is that it takes on many meanings all at once. It can be serene or stressful, […]

I bought some Clear Cure Goo from Fishing Tackle Unlimited over the weekend and played around with it a little over the last few days while the weather was poor. I used CCG for three completely different applications (pictured below): cover wraps, make shrimp eyes, and create an epoxy body. […]