My buddy John and I have talked about fishing the Everglades for big snook for years. Both of us have caught our fair share of Texas Linesiders (see photos below), but the primitive snook and tarpon-laden backcountry of southernmost tip of Florida has always peaked our interest. When I envisioned […]

Forgive my lack of posting activity lately. I’ve been on the road and water a lot lately, but I haven’t had much time to post about any of my adventures. That will change very soon. I have a lot of content coming down the pipe. Until then I’ll leave you […]

The next three days of fishing were stellar. We searched the island near and far for a serviceable guitar. After a few failed attempts we found one that wasn’t missing any tuning keys. An emergency string kit came in handy. The guitar still didn’t sound very well, but we still […]

I’ve been home in Texas for a few weeks and I’m still on island time. The trip to the Bahamas came and went in the blink of an eye, but the memories are forever engrained in my mind. My first trip to the Bahamas lived up to the hype. The […]

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve spent countless hours behind the vise the last few weeks for a highly anticipated trip to the Bahamas. I thought I’d share a few of my creations. I’ll be off the grid for a week, but there will be plenty of video and photos […]



The cast, along with several new additions, is back for round two of our annual trek down the barren beach that is Padre Island National Seashore. Our group consists of a colorful cast of characters who traveled from all over the state in search of fish, comradery and adventure. Share, […]