Jason and I planned to fish the 4th annual West Bay Redfish Showdown tournament together several months ago. Jason fished the event for the first time last year and took home 4th and little spending money for his efforts. I’ve wanted to fish the event for a couple years now, […]

Jason and I fished the West Bay Redfish Showdown over the weekend. Despite the windy conditions we had an incredible day of fishing. We caught upper slot and oversized redfish all day long. We managaed to catch the right two fish and squeak out first place by .1 lbs.

If you ever wondered what the offspring would look like if you crossbred a kayak and a jet ski your imagination has come to fruition. The Surfango looks just like any another kayak, but didn’t your mama tell you never to judge a book by its cover? The Surfango is […]


Annual Beach Trip

Our annual voyage to the 60 mile stretch of uninhabited beachfront will commence tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to spending time off the grid with a group of my fellow honks. Photos and another highlight video coming soon…

I bought a new fly box for a trip I have planned early next year. My goal is to completely fill the box before I leave with different patterns and colors to try out. I’m hoping this motivates me to spend more time at the vise over the coming months. […]

Here’s a photo I took of Rick Spillman, Rick’s Kayak Adventures, a couple of months ago. Storms were brewing around us all morning, but we managed to dodge most of the heavy stuff. We saw this squall moving in on us fast. We barely made it in before this squall […]

A few months ago I sent some photos to a few magazines to see if anyone would like to publish them. Several magazines showed interest intially, but Texas Outdoors Journal jumped on the idea and wanted to publish them in their fall issue. It seemed fitting seeing as this is […]

My friend, Sam (pictured below), is getting married in a few weeks and I’m one of the groomsman. We’ve known each other for a long time. Since kindergarten although neither of us knew it until we started looking through old photos in high school. We developed our passion for fishing […]

Spent a few days in the Lower Laguna last week with a big group of kayakers. Conditions weren’t ideal but we made the best of what we were given. Not many snook caught this trip but here’s one Don caught in the lights with the fly rod.