Sight Fishing

As a self-employed fishing guide, a day at the office when not on the water is just that, a day at the office. It means a day spent returning phone calls/emails, updating your website, editing photos/video, restocking fly boxes and any other mundane tasks that have been neglected because of […]

Every time I try to explain to someone what makes the fishery in Louisiana unique I end up at the same moot point. Louisiana is just something you have to experience is what I often recite. Characterizing Louisiana is akin to justifying why I love to fish to non-fishing folk. […]

On the heels of my latest announcement and in harmony with the Christmas spirit, I’ve decided to give away a free full-day guided fishing trip for 1-2 anglers in Louisiana. The only stipulation is that you must be able to cash in your free trip in either January or February […]

My friend Rob and I just got back from a three day scouting trip to Louisiana. Rob had never fished Louisiana, so I was eager to show him what the marshes of Louisiana had to offer. There’s no place like Louisiana in the world.



Over the weekend my buddy Jason and I went exploring. We fished an area neither of us had fished before. It didn’t take long for us to find fish. Jason caught the first redfish within minutes of when we started fishing. From that point forward the fishing was stupid. We […]

Over the weekend I fished with Robby owner of a world’s fastest kayak. He and I spoke for over a year about fishing together. From our talks he knew I liked to fish remote marshes, so he figured his jet powered kayak would be the perfect vehicle to get us […]


Double the Fun

Got bored with catching redfish one at a time so I decided to double the fun. Fishing’s been good…real good lately. I was throwing TTF’s new Killer-Bilt rod and TTF Shiney Hiney in gold with a brown shrimp trailer on my baitcaster. On the fly rod I was throwing a […]