Double the Fun

Got bored with catching redfish one at a time so I decided to double the fun. Fishing’s been good…real good lately. I was throwing TTF’s new Killer-Bilt rod and TTF Shiney Hiney in gold with a brown shrimp trailer on my baitcaster. On the fly rod I was throwing a […]

The second stop of the Lone Star Kayak Series was last weekend. A few anglers were able to bring heavy weights to the scales. The reoccurring theme among the participants is lots of spooky fish. Most of the anglers saw more fish than there were able to catch. Despite the […]

My day started early Saturday morning; a quarter before 4:00am is when I awoke to the clamor of my siren-like alarm. I was up and out of bed like a fire alarm was actually going off. Excited. The plan for the day was to hit the water with a friend […]

The most recent cold front is a reminder that we’re nearing the end of the redfish explosion in the marshes on the Texas Coast. Over the last few weeks most of the shrimp has migrated to the Gulf leaving fin-fish as the only remaining forage available for a ravenous redfish. […]

Greg and I fished the second stop of the Xtreme Redfish Tournament Trail out of Harborwalk Marina in Hitchcock, Texas last weekend. I haven’t fished around Galveston much lately, and leading up to the tournament we weren’t on any heavy fish. We planned to swing for the fences and fish […]

Fishing around a full moon has always given me fits. Couple that with the recent heat wave blasting Texas and you will soon understand why fishing the marsh under the moonlight sounded like a good idea. What I have learned over the years fishing around a full moon is that […]

Regardless of the time of year, tides or conditions it’s hard for me to sleep through the wee hours of the morning. I usually wake hours before first light with zeal, but not always due to the thought of fishing. I am compelled by a more intoxicating sensation fueled by […]