WestEndAngler Winter Trout Tournament Saturday 12/29

Tomorrow is WestEndAngler’s annual Winter Trout Tournament for anyone that’s interested in fishing a fun/relaxed tournament. Last I heard there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 entries and there’s sure to be more because registration is open until right before the tournament starts. As long as you’re entered online before […]


Footage that Didn’t Make the Cut

Here’s some left over footage from the edits I made to the footage I shot over the last few weeks.

I have been out several times since I last posted a fishing report with varying levels of success. I hit several locations including areas in East Bay, West Bay, and spots as far west as Freeport. Fishing has gone from good last week to downright slow early this week even […]


Got Mud Boils

Here’s a short video I put together of spooked reds. This footage was all taken on the same day and most was from a single paddle.


Get In and Get Out

Greg, John, and I hit the marsh last week and found several big schools of redfish early before the water level got too low. Bite lasted only a couple of hours because it was already mud slogging low and ripping out quickly. We had just enough water to float when […]

Here’s some pictures from Doug and I’s day on the water yesterday. We launched out of Galveston in Doug’s Maverick to ice cream conditions and fished several nearshore rigs. The water looked beautiful. We were in search of tackle and rigging testers and we found a few. No sightings of the Silver King but we did […]

This past weekend was refreshing: the weather was nice, the fishing was good, and the company was great. Raymond and I fish together fairly regularly since I moved back to Houston this past summer but we’ve missed one of the fishing trio that we grew accustomed to growing up. Since […]

If I had to describe my day of fishing yesterday in one word it would be phenomenal. My best day of fishing ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had days when I’ve caught more and bigger but this was on another level. I have never seen so many schools of […]

Today was a sight fisherman’s dream. Schools of redfish in shallow water gorging with reckless abandonment completely oblivious to their surroundings. Each school’s location given away by the eye in the sky. Flocks or single seagulls hovering above a particular locale revealed the whereabouts of active schools from several hundred […]


Dirty Water Redfish

When looking for hog reds forget clear water and look for the dirty stuff. The reds are almost always heavier. >