I went out solo a couple times over the weekend. I found plenty of reds in the marsh but the feeding window was short very early in the morning. The fish were also extra weary of my presence because of the low water levels. Lost count of the number of […]

During the summer months I usually get out and off the water early, but the tides weren’t quite lining up for an early morning bite around the Upper Coast this past weekend. The tides at every spot I contemplated were identical no matter how north or south I looked on […]

I have been blessed to be raised on the Texas Gulf Coast my entire life. Born in the Houston metropolis I was introduced to saltwater fishing at an early age. Not as early as some, but I have been wetting a line in saline waters for well over a decade […]

I planned to the fish the second stop of the XRT kayak trail this past Saturday but that intention was axed when news arrived late Friday night that the tournament was postponed due to the conditions. Unfavorable wind forecasts forced tournament organizers to reschedule the tournament for late August. I […]

Friday: I met up with Jaime to fish a marsh I hadn’t seen since last year. It’s about an hour paddle via kayak to get to this marsh. I told him the night before that we were going to make a long paddle and to be prepared. I don’t think […]

In fishing, there are not many things that pique my interest more than exploring new areas. I get tired of fishing the same water, so I am constantly looking for new places to fish up and down entire Texas coastline. Satellite images are a modern-day Lewis and Clark’s compass. I […]

I was on the water a few times over the last week and the fishing was pretty slow overall. Not a whole lot of fish landed or spotted. You know the fishing has been bleak when some of the most respected guides in the area are having a tough time […]


Spring Explosion

There’s no better cue that winter has passed quite like the surface exploding spectacle of a slob redfish pulverizing a top water plug or the sight of an upper slot brute with half its anatomy above the water’s surface. If the sight or sound of redfish prowling the shallows isn’t […]