If effort equates to results yesterday would have been a day of epic proportions. Yesterday was a marathon, literally. I fished the marsh in excellent conditions: strong outgoing tide, light winds, and an abundance of bait. I was out on the water chunking and twitching a topwater well before sunrise. […]


Herd Of Cattle

Here’s the video I promised from footage I filmed on Saturday morning. Greg and I were chasing a school of redfish down the shoreline. I got ahead of the school on the shoreline and tried to intercept the school. The whole school swam right by me and one of the […]

Greg and I went fishing yesterday morning with hopes that fall fishing was in full swing and the redfish were in an agressive feeding mode. We arrived at our location before first light and were greeted with light north winds. We starting drifting shell over shell in 2′ of water […]

Went searching for redfish this morning on the main bay shorelines of West Galveston Bay. I saw some nervous bait close to the shore and made a ill-advised cast right on top of the bait. As soon as my topwater hit the water my lure went under ever so slightly. […]


Hackberry Hustler Review

I am a tackle junkie. I probably own close to one of almost every lure out on the market. When I first saw Texas Tackle Factory’s new lure the Hackberry Hustler I was not impressed. It looked similar to other lures on the market but with small modifications to an […]